Video Lesson of the Week Jan 1st, 2020

Each week Northeast Kenpo will be featuring a video lesson of the week. We will be going over various martial arts styles, techniques, and tips.


4th Saturday - 1st day back from break

10am -1pm

10am Group Class

11am Sword Class

12pm Adv. Sword

12pm Black Belt Class

11th Saturday - TSL (lightsaber)

1-3pm      $10. fee paid there.

Two Raven 33rd St Cleve., 44109

Dojo will close at noon this day so students can make it on time to this additional training class offered by Brian Stone in Cleveland. 

17th Friday - Ninjutsu 

6-9pm  $10. fee paid there.

Tiedeman Rd Cleve., 44144

NKK Adults or accepted students to join Mr. D and Mr. Furlan out at Sensei Phils for ninjutsu training.

18th Saturday - Kali Class

12-1pm            Free Class

Join us at the dojo for a special class on this Saturday. Learn the Filipino art of Kali. Adult and high ranking class only.

25th Saturday -

Instructor of the Month

10am-12pm     Free Class

Each month NE Kenpo will have a guest instructor at the dojo. This is something the dojo has always done in the past. It is a great way to get acquainted with some of our local great masters and the different systems that surround us. Honor and Respect.  Charles Brown.

Instructors of the Month

January 25th Charles Brown

February 29th Tony Marcial

March 28th Richard Fike

April 25th Dennis Janes

May 30th Memorial Weekend

June 27th Masters Class Event

Currently there are no classes on Thursdays.

Theses classes will be reinstated in the near future.

Upcoming Tournaments

Jan 18th King Cobra Erie, PA

Jan 25th KOTM Grappling Mentor , OH

Feb. 22nd Korshi Tourn. , OH

Mar 7th The Arnold Columbus, OH

May 5th Millennium Kirtland, OH

Jun. 20th Summer Brawl Tallmadge, OH

Aug. 8th Ult. Challenge Brookpark, OH

Sept. 24th Yes I Can Karate Wickliffe,OH

Oct. 24th Elite Nationals RockyRiver, OH

Nov. 7th King of Ring

Dec. 5th Lake Erie Showdown Perry, OH

January 29th TESTING

Hachikyu - Nancy Langtree

Hachikyu - Paydian Kostner

Sichikyu II - Anthony Sherman

Sichikyu II - Franco Shermam

Rokkyu - Desiree Smouse

Rokkyu - Anthony Brown

Yonkyu - Jack Rees

Yonkyu - Alec Fry


To all students celebrating this month.

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