Respect for oneself, family, peers and authority.


Respect for our morals, education, dreams and goals.


Respect, a word that in today's times, seems to be lost among us. The meaning of this one word is what we, at Northeast Kenpo Karate, strive to solely represent our Dojo (school).


Northeast Kenpo Karate is American marriage between all forms of Asian influenced Martial Arts.

Our system, known as simply NKK or Ninjutsu Kenpo Kali, combines all that is useful. Honoring  history, theories, and discipline of traditional arts, we adapt the modern approach of common sense technique to overcome the nature of today's aggressive reality.


This sophisticated approach in self-defense application, emphasizing brain over brawn, allows the practitioner to utilize their natural abilities, strengths and intelligence. The result is a true display of beauty in motion. These proven exercises, drills and programs tailored around each individual's set needs; concentrating specifically on developing and refining a personal path to their mastery of


Mind, Body and Spirit.




Dedicated to Your Achievements