Our Instructors

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Head Instructor

Northeast Kenpo established in 1993

Founder of GodaiKinkouDo

'Art of Elemental Balance'

Scott DaDante
39 years in the Martial Arts
7th Black Belt in the NKK system
  • 1st Black Belt in IKKA Kenpo

  • 1st Black Belt in Tracey's system

  • 1st Black Belt in Infinity Kenpo

  • 1st Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

  • Certified in Japanese Kendo

  • High Ranking in Filipino Kali

  • Ranked in Brazilian Jujitsu

  • Ranked in Japanese Ninjutsu

  • Muay Thai

  • Chinese Chin Na

  • Reiki Master

Ranking and training under:

  • Lee Bachman

  • Tony Marcial

  • Moo Hwan Kim

  • Steven K. Hayes

  • Dan Inosanto

  • Dana Abbott

  • Frank Shamrock

  • Danny Lane

  • Jean Frenette

  • Bill Wallace

  • Jeff Speakman

  • Larry Tatum

  • Joe Palanzo

  • Richard Planas

  • Michael Depasquale

  • Michael Bernardo

  • Manuel Taningco

  • Erin Hill

Over 10 years experience in our NE Ohio schools. Serving as Sensei for two charter schools including Summit and Carrington Academies. Specializing in special needs Services. Certified CPR/First Aid. Northeast Kenpo afterschool programming ordered at both Wickliffe and over 7 years in Perry schools.


Aidan Benton

John Robinson

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Mitchell Dawes


Desiree Smouse


Eric Baker

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Matt Lewis

Joseph Furlan

James Shelton Bell

Pryce Myers

Wesley Brown