Group Classes
Single student monthly pricing.

$80.00 Kenpo

$60.00 Yoga/Pilates
$40.00 TSL/Sword
$40.00 Kali

$40.00 Ninjutsu

$120.00 Unlimited Class Pass

$100.00 Any 10 Class Pass


50% off for second family member. 75% for the third - 87% for the forth.

Private Sessions
Private lessons, one on one, with Mr. DaDante or requested instructor. Private lessons are not covered under Class Passes.


$20.00 Half-hour lesson

$30.00 One hour lesson



$20.00 Introduction of Martial Arts

Location and Facilities


Northeast Kenpo classes are held in the PAC (Pirate Athletic Center) located on the Perry School Campus off Center Rd., Perry. Ask front desk for assistance if it's the first time coming to the facility. Please take a moment to see what the facility offers its members concerning your fitness needs.


Group Classes are open to all ranks, gender and age. Families that kick together stick together. These classes are designed to work on individual cardio and strength training. Emphasizing on breathing, basics, specialty drills, coordination sets, flexibility, sparring, and skilled inspired games to promote your progression in the martial arts.

Be ready for a workout. Respect, Honor, and Discipline.

Belt Classes are offered for students to participate in to progress forward in their ranking. These classes cover the required material of that set colored belt (example- yellow belt material will be taught in Yellow Belt Class). Any higher rank belt is welcome and encouraged to participate in any or all lower belt classes. This is a great tool for belt review for upcoming testing and general personal advancement.

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to set up your Introduction to the Martial Arts Course today.


Three half-hour private lessons focusing on all the fundamentals of motion leading you to a basic understanding of Northeast Kenpo.


Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for purchases at the Chop Shop, private lessons, and for any or all group classes.

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